Learn about Strike Three Holdings Lawsuits

Strike three holdings is a company behind the production of many movies and they often sue for copyright infringement cases. Many people often receive summons and their internet service providers and a subpoena from Strike three holdings for alleged downloading of movies illegally. A subpoena is a writ ordering a person to attend a court summon. Their main point of argument is that people in their office or homes who use the internet often use computer file sharing software to obtain the movies for free. Many people will therefore struggle in obtaining legal services for such suits filed against them. They are faced with the question of why they have been taken to court and the reasons behind the petitioner's motives of taking their client to a court of law. The best information about Strike 3 Holdings defense is available when you click the link.

These cases often draw in too much controversy. Strike three holdings struggles to prove their case by saying that they are trying to reduce the piracy of their contents and they are always seconded by internet service providers. However, critics often argue that strike three holdings and other movie companies sue on the wrong premise as the downloaders are suing for their own enjoyment other than for commercial purposes. Downloaders do not download to get additional revenue. The plaintiffs further allege that the subscribers IP address was found online sharing the movie.

Another question often discussed and worries people is on how to respond to the summons. When you receive a summon from Strike three holdings, it is paramount that you do not ignore it. You have a very short duration of time to decide on what to do as extending the time you respond to the summon only worsens the situation.

 People are given from between two to three weeks from the date you received the internet service provider letter and the strike three holdings subpoena to take their next course of action. People should also know that it is not advisable to delete the downloaded material as it is likely to make the situation worse by attracting heavier penalties. Do not try to conceal from the authorities any fact. Click for more info about Strike 3 Holdings.

Contracting a lawyer with experience in internet service provision subpoena defense can be of great help when deciding on how to respond and handle the suit. It is also advisable to carry out extensive research via a majority of mass media channels on internet service provision subpoena cases. This article purposes on providing you with little information about these lawsuits.